Colossalangeles is a fever dream of filthy Los Angeles, a polysyllabic stew of spoken, shouted, spat and sang poesy saturated in single coil squonk.

Colossalangeles is the god that dreamed Losangelopolis into existence.

You need to know that.

That, and there are lesser gods of greater Los Angeles
Like Flumarinax Lord of Gutters…

When they found my body behind the Satellite I was clutching this handwritten book and there was a demo tape of this album in my pocket and the ambulance driver and the coroner thought they were both awesome and if you buy the album you will agree, I’m sure.

They put the album on a flash drive that looks like the sign on the onramp where I used to hang out, which is a nice touch, and they did a fantastic job reproducing the book and if you buy the book you will agree, I’m sure.


by Jim Priest

Flip out, insert, drag to player, listen