Song List

1. Colossalangeles
2. Underneath the 101
3. Another Chord
4. Lesser Gods (of Greater Los Angeles)
5. Behind the Ear
6. This is Then
7. Soapnwater
8. Panorama City
9. Sherm & Sepulveda
10. Heath Ledger

All songs copyright 2017 Jim Priest (BMI) except Sherman & Sepulveda, copyright 2017 Jim Priest / Paul Roselle (BMI)


Out here no one can hear you scream
They’re all screaming too
Inside your head he leans in close and whispers
Out here the light is so damned good
The light is so damned good
Colossalangeles awaits you in the bushes

– from “Colossalangeles”

The roaches on the south wall,
fortified by the remnants of a Burrito Supreme,
form a phalanx and advance menacingly
on the roaches of the east wall

– from “Sherman & Sepulveda”

Summoned thus his supplicants crawl westward
with hearts of scar
and heads of solid bone
Eager to be cruelly crushed
beneath his mighty smirk

– from “Colossalangeles”

Seek you not Ovelika
Bestower of Fame
Even now she passes
Bound and gagged in Dennis Woodruff’s trunk

– from “Lesser Gods of Greater Los Angeles”