What people are saying

“Priest ALWAYS delivers”

– T-Roy, Blues Accelerant / Surge Events

“Jim Priest is a Rock and Roll whirlwind of Wild, the concept of Colossalosangeles is a Prophetic trip down Sunset blvd in a red Chevelle SS with the top down.”

– Elliot Next (#PartyPunx)

“One of my favorite performances by Jim was New Year’s Eve 2015. Jim was the High Priest of grunge banjo that night at Haché LA. Those overalls and some gnarly riffs are all anyone needs.”

– Lucy M.

“His charisma is somewhere between Bill Clinton and Rob Halford. And he’d kill me if he heard that. But, dude, this motherplucker can WAIL on the harmonica.”

– Ramie B.

“Anyone whose song lyrics contain Pla-boy Liquor, St. Vincent de Paul’s, and the body in Dennis Woodruff’s trunk, is writing about the real Los Angeles. Collosalangeles in all its mighty grime of decades past (and ever-present) is Jim Priest’s world. No one captures this untamed filthbeast of a city like he does, and he spits it back out in humorous wordsmithery like no one else can. He is a genius. (in overalls). No one else out there (that I know of or care of )…is writing music that carries a single narrator through an epic tale of Los Angeles darkness, travelling through each song.”

– Chuckles

“Jim Priest has that cowboy campfire bed time storytelling voice and you could hitch a ride to some other side watching him blow on the harmonica. A must see live.”

– Elizabeth